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CENTRA, SARL, a Mozambican Company specialised in engineering services started its operations in 1989, and was established by an association of Mozambican interests and Portuguese companies present in Mozambique.

CENTRA provides services related to planning and designing of all types of public, private or industrial construction projects of infrastructures, buildings and general urban development. It is also specialised in technical and financial planning of these projects as well as their entire or partial implementation.

Fields of Specialisation

Architecture and Civil Engineering Environment and Rural Development
  • Institutional Public Buildings
  • Tourist Developments
  • Hospitals
  • Regional and Urban Planning
  • Urban Infrastructures
  • Hydraulics
  • Geology/Geotechnics
  • Environmental Technologies
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Water Resources
  • Urban and Industrial Solid Waste Management
  • Agricultural Engineering
  • Integrated Rural Development
  • Agro-Processing Industries
Transportation Industry and Energy
  • Motorways and Highways
  • Railways
  • Bridges and Viaducts
  • Airports
  • Harbours, Maritime works
  • Shipbuilding and Repair Yards
  • Processing Industries
  • Mining and Metallurgy
  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Thermoelectric Power
  • Power distribution
  • Renewable Energy
Economic Feasibility and Planning Studies Project and Construction Management

Typical Projects


  • Economic and industrial feasibility study of the factory "Conserveira do Indico", in Beira.
  • Engineering Rehabilitation Project of a Timber factory in Beira.
  • Survey, reports, topographical mapping and geotechnical survey of the Mozambique Rural Development Project.
  • Design of a pharmaceutical warehouse in Maputo.
  • Architectural and Engineering Design of the rehabilitation of the Hospitals and Health Institutes in Beira, Maputo and Nampula.
  • Architectural and Engineering Design of Miramar residential quarter in Maputo Evaluation of ENAFRIO’s assets.
  • Rehabilitation of BP offices.

Maputo University Master Plan, Mozambique

Ministry of Water and Construction-Pequenos Libombos Dam, Mozambique

Maputo Universety Master Plan, Mozambique

USAID- US Agency for internacional development, residential complex, Maputo, Mozambique

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