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Companhia Brasileira de Projectos Industriais

When CSN - Companhia Sider˙rgica Nacional (the first Brazilian coke based still mill) was established, there was no qualified engineering companies in Brazil to promote construction of the plant in Volta Redonda. All the necessary engineering services were contracted abroad.

CSN, just from the beginning, wanted to absorbing the tecnhology of industrial projects, and decided that an expressive part of necessary engineering projects for further expections of the plant, were to be developed in Brazil by Brazilian specialists.

Hence, CSN engaged internally several groups of its own tecnicians in activities of engineering design and planning.

Later by the time of the first expansion plan, these groups were put together and became a single area of studies and projects called the Engineering Directorate of CSN.

Part of the results achieved with the tecnology transfer were allocated into an independent subsidiary company with the purpose of rendering engineering services. This was possible due to CSN's experience in cooperation with foreign companies. The demand for engineering companies went hand in hand with the strategy of the Brazilian government of that time to develop the Brazilian steelmaking industry. Hence in January 1963 it was created the Companhia Brasileira de Projectos Industriais - COBRAPI (Brazilian Company of industrial Projects).

In the 70's and 80's COBRAPI amplified the scope of its services, completed its qualifications and consolidated its proficiency in serving the global engineering needs of industrial processing and technical assistance to the industries. In the 80's, COBRAPI's shareholding control was transferred to SIDERBR┴S, state holding of the sector. In 1990, the company was privatized, through the sale of the controlling stockholder's shares to its employees.


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