For nearly 40 years COBRAPI has established itself as a leading engineering company providing high quality construction management, design engineering, technical consulting services and supply and maintenance engineering to the most diverse industrial sectors in Brazil and abroad.

The companies leader position in Brasil mining, metallurgy, industrial processing and related areas comes from COBRAPI’s total commitment to clients objectives, supported by a highly specialized staff, technical expertise, latest computer resources and systems and strictest quality control.

In association with PCG Profabril Consulplano Group of Portugal, COBRAPI has expanded its range of solutions to transportation, infrastructure, energy and petrochemical sectors, on a worldwide basis including extensive operations in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa.

Fields of Specialization

· Mining
· Iron & Steel
· Metallurgy
· Oil & Gas
· Chemical Industry
· Immunobiology and Pharmacy
· Manufacturing Industry


Stell Mill
Volta Redonda

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