Fields of Specialization
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  Typical Projects
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  • More than 2,500 km of motorways and highways
  • Airports of Portalegre, Guarda, Faro and Porto (preliminary studies)
  • Lisbon Parking Study
  • Lisbon Airport Taxiways
  • Carparks in Lisbon
  • Railway station of Campolide and industrial railways side tracks
  • Hotels in Vidago and Pedras Salgadas spa areas
  • Industrial Estates of Condeixa-a-Nova, Viseu, Castelo Branco, Portalegre and Sertã
  • Asia Hotel (now Tivoli Tejo Hotel)
  • JAE/IEP/ICOR/ICERR, Highway Authority and BRISA Motorways and bridges: more than 2,000 km of motorways and respective bridges
  • ESLI, Lisbon – four storey underground car pack structure for up to 1,600 vehicles
  • Alcântara Sugar Refinery – Refinery expansion
  • Wharves in Setúbal – Waterfront structures, repairwork and extension of existing piers
  • Master plans for medium size towns
  • S. Francisco Xavier Hospital, Lisbon, Structural engineering
  • Cascais Shopping Center – Precast structure


  • Territorial Master Plan
  • Strategic Medium Term Plan and 5-year Government Budget
  • Nam Van USD 2 bilion Urban Development
  • International Airport Master Plan
  • NAM VAN-12 High-rise buildings 20 to 35 storeys for offices, hotel and residential use and car parks

P.R. China

  • EEC financed modernization program of industries:
    - Bengbu Oil extracting plant
    - Dalian 2nd metalforming plant
    - Shanghai Yao Hua Glass Works
    - Beijing Monitor System Dispatching Gas
    - Nanning Research Reservoir of Base Basin
    - Wulanhot Soyabean Protein Sub Factory
    - Shanghai Solvent Factory



  • Landscaping of Lahore Airport
  • Penang Air Cargo Terminal Study



  • Mormugão shiprepairyard in Goa
  • Industrial Estate of Huambo Feasibility study (250 ha)



  • Beira Corridor Highway
  • Public Transport Plan, Kinshasa


S. Tomé e Príncipe

  • Traffic Planning of Accra
  • Malaria Mosquito Irradication Program


  • Circulation Plan in San Pedro Sula



Brisa- A3 Tollway, Porto
Valença, Portugal

Brisa- A3 Tollway, Porto
Valença, Portugal

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Rehabilitation of Vidago Palace
Hotel, Portugal

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