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Estudos Técnicos e Económicos, S.A.

DEFINT, S.A., a multi-disciplinary firm of Consulting Engineers, was founded in 1981. The company was mainly dedicated to rendering services in the fields of Consulting, Planning, Engineering, Project Management and Operational Training, for large works, as well as Feasibility Studies, Industrial and Administrative Organization, Plant Maintenance and Assets Appraisal.

Fields of Specialization

Assets Appraisal

Project Management and Feasibility Studies
· Real Estate
· Insurance
· Industry
· Transportation
· Shipyards
· Steel Mills
· Paper Pulp mills
· Infrastuctures
· Sewage treatment plants
DEFINT has performed the activity of Assets Evaluation in a wide range of situations, namely:
· Privatizacion of Public Sector Companies
· Mergers and Acquisitions
· Insurable Values
· Plant Property and Equipment
· Investment Opportunities

Typical Projects and Studies

Assets Appraisal

Banks Industrial Sector
· Totta & Açores
· Crédito Predial Português
· Borges & Irmão
· Fonsecas & Burnay
· União de Bancos Portugueses
· Pinto e Sotto Mayor
Total number of evaluated items                    1,600
Total appraised value
                              USD 1 billion
· Petrogal-Petróleos de Portugal,SA
· Cimpor-Cimentos de Portugal,SA
· Tabaqueira-Empresa Industrial de Tabacos, SA
· Eurofer-Fábrica Europeia de Ferro Maleável, SA 
· Oliveira e Ferreirinha-Indústrias
  Metalúrgicas, SA
Insurance Companies Agro-Industrial Sector
 · Aliança Seguradora
· Seguros Bonança
· Império
· Mundial Confiança
· Garantia
Total number of evaluated
items                  750
Total appraised value
                           USD 600 million
· Lacto Lusa
· Lacto Lima
· Lacto Açoreana
· Agro Lacto
· Agrotab


Transportation Sector
· TAP - Air Portugal
· ETC - Terminais Marítimos
Project Management
· SOPORCEL - Construction of Figueira da Foz Paper Pulp plant
· SIDERURGIA NACIONAL - Modernization of the Steel Mill plant
· GABINETE DE SANEAMENTO BÁSICO DA COSTA DO ESTORIL - Construction Supervision of a very large Sewage Treatment plant


Soporcel, paper pulp mill, Figueira da Foz, Portugal

AMTRES Sewage treatment plant, Estoril Coast, Portugal

TAP Industrial Complex of Hangar nr 6, Lisbon Airport, Portugal

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