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Consultores de Hidroinformática , A.C.E.

ENVIMODE is an entity owned presently by Proman.

ENVIMODE is oriented to support mathematical modelling to hydraulic and environmental studies. ENVIMODE merges the extensive engineering capacity of PROFABRIL Group and the skills of other companies in the areas of hydraulics and coastal engineering, assuring an adequate framing for mathematical modelling activities.


· Hydraulics
· Oceanography
· Coastal Engineering
· Port Engineering
· Maritime Structures
· Navigation and Ship manoeuvring
· Hydraulic Studies, rivers, estuaries and lagoons, beaches,
  ports and coastal areas
· Tides and Currents
· Waves
· Shore Protection
· Breakwaters
· Sediment Transport
· Dredging
· Navigation Channels
· Water Quality
· Pollution
· Sewage sea outfalls
· Environmental Impact Assessment


ENVIMODE focuses its studies on the fields of hydraulics, oceanography, coastal and port engineering, relatied to problems of environmental assessment, wave propagation, sediment transport, water quality, most of them applied to coastal zones, rivers, etc.

The experience of its experts includes environmental studies for the Tagus estuary and Guadiana river in Portugal and Lake Ontario (Canada).

ENVIMODE is presently conducting studies applying mathematical modelling to the sedimentation and navigability of the Setúbal Port and wave propagation around the Madeira islands.


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