Typical Projects
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Typical Projects

Angola CIS

· Financial auditing to the Project of Health Sector, for the Health Ministry

· Russian Railways administrative reorganisation

Guinea-Bissau Ukraine

· Infrastructure Rehabilitation Project for the World Bank

· Economic study for the Kiev/Eastern Boarder Highway


· Economic evaluation of the Praia Grande Urban Development for NAM VAN
· Medium term strategic, economic and financial plan, for the Macau Government
· Public Finances Forecast model for the Macau Government
· Economic study for the implementation of CoTai town to be reclaimed and built in Macau


· Technical and financial feasibility study of a new ferry-boat connection between Barreiro and Lisboa for TRANSTEJO
· Financial study for the creation of a TIR terminal in Aveiro for TIRTIFE
· Set up and organisation of a city public transportation company in Funchal, Madeira, for TRANSFUNCHAL
· Financial study for the creation of an intermodal park for Torres Novas Municipality
· Strategic plan for BETAÇOR (cement company)
· Management information system for CIMENTAÇOR (cement company)
· Strategic plan and management information system for CIMENTOS DA MADEIRA (cement company)
· Business evaluation for acquisition for PROMADEIRA (cement company)
· Marketing study of cement products in Portugal for CIMPOR (cement company)
· Strategic plan for SECIL (cement company)
· UE Structural Funds for CNE (packaging company)
· UE Structural Funds for EMT (Madeira tobacco company)
· UE Structural Funds for SGS (Madeira Industries)
· UE Structural Funds for MADEIRA GARMENTS
· UE Structural Funds for BRIMADE's Crushing Plant/Stone Quarry, Madeira



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