LOGISER was created in 1985 as a software house, for Computer-Aided Engineering, specially in the fields of Civil Engineering, Systems Integration, Communications, Information Systems based on Relational Databases and Management Information Systems.

With the incorporation of CONSULPLANO’s Department of Technical and Scientific Information in 1996, LOGISER became the largest Portuguese distributor of Technical and Scientific Information Systems in electronic format.

LOGISER has an accumulated experience of more than 15 years of activity in this area, supplying Technical and Scientific Information Systems for professional application, as well as all the necessary technical support services to the customers. This information is delivered mainly in electronic format, in CD-ROM, DVD, (standalone or network), or via Intranet or Internet. In some cases the information is delivered also in paper support.

LOGISER represents in Portugal the most important worldwide suppliers of Technical and Scientific Information Systems.

Fields of Specialization

·         Civil Engineering

LOGISER develops and supports several software applications for technical design and management in Civil Engineering projects, having built a sizable client database in this field. (currently over 100 clients)

·         Networks and Communications

Among LOGISERīs most significant assets, is its ability to design and implement data communication systems with built-in features such as electronic mail and messaging, file transfer, remote terminal sessions and access to the internet.

·         System Integration

Of great importance to LOGISER, is the concept of maintaining independence from any one particular computer system, having the know-how to properly and seamlessly integrate different working environments, namely various types of UNIX, DOS, Apple, Windows and Windows-NT Systems.




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