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Since 1963 Profabril SA has a delegation in Angola becoming, in 1994, a Rep Office.


Planning Ministry
  • Technical Assistance to the Rehabilitation Project of the Electromechanical Facilities of the Fuel Terminal in Soyo
  • Rehabilitation of the Fuel Facilities in Tombwa
  • Pier for Luanda Gas - Preliminary Study
  • Extension of Luanda Gas – 2nd Phase
  • Extension of the Butane Gas Filling Bottle Plant in Luanda
  • Electromechanical Facilities in Soyo – New tanks Project of Jet A1 and the new Jet line for the heliport
  • Fuel Facilities in Tombwa – Study of Ship Anchorage
  • Rehabilitation and Construction Supervision of Namibe-Lubango highway, financed by the European Union for the Planning Ministry
  • INEA – Road Institute of Angola - Supervision of Caraculo Serra da Leba road
  • Waste Dump Mulenvos, Luanda (financed by the European Union)
  • Construction Supervision of 85 Schools and Teacher´s Residences in Huíla, Benguela, Huambo and Bié Provinces (financed by the European Union)
Ministry of Transportation

Ministry of Industry

  • Port of Luanda Master Plan
  • Preliminary Study of the Industrial Park of Viana (Luanda)



Serra da Leba road

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