PCG XXI - In the leadership of Portuguese Engineering

Ilídio de Ayala Serôdio
(Civil Engineer, MSCE, MBA, PCG President  and CEO)

At a time and in a sector of the economy, marked by a great turbulance and uncertainty, from internal factors connected to the vertiginous technological evolution and from external factors, from a permanent alteration of the business environment, it is gratifying that PCG Group may reach the XXIst century, Group where Profabril is its most emblematic company that always occupied the leadership of Portuguese Engineering, imposing its presence to its Clients by the quality and the innovation of the services offered.

The foundation of the Group, under the brand name PCG®, Profabril Consulplano, in 1993, a symbiosis of several, but distinctive business cultures with complementary experiences, originated a network of national and international companies, already with a critical dimension, indispensable to face the globalization of the markets and start new and innovative contractual forms, that, we are sure will better serve our Clients.

PCG Group possesses today the necessary resources indispensable to do anywhere in the world, studies, projects, engineering, specialised operate works, construction-build-operate-maintain or turnkey contracts, thanks to its companies where we have to single out:

Profabril, with its origins in 1963 within the largest portuguese industrial conglomerate at that time, CUF- Companhia União Fabril, owning a diversified experience, specially in industry from shipbuilding and ship repair yards to heavy chemical industry, energy, oil and gas, and manufacturing industry;

Consulplano, company that gained a great recognition in the area of transportation and infrastructures since its foundation in 1965 in Portugal;

Proman with its origins in 1981 in the shiprepair consultancy of Lisnave, specialised in project and construction management;

Cobrapi in Brazil, generated in 1963, within the largest investment, at the time, in the steel mill industry CSN- Companhia Siderúrgica Nacional, in Volta Redonda, Rio de Janeiro, is today considered one of the largest industrial engineering consultancies in Brazil.

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The new competitive formats in the market, with integrated solutions, involve a different division of risks, demanding from engineering consultants increased responsabilities, critical mass in human and technological resources and financial capabilities.

These are the challenges that the future will demand from us and for which  we have been preparing ourselves, by creating synergies on the national market and betting in an ambitious process of internationalisation, with the creation or acquisition in foreign countries of local foreign companies, that are today responsible for more than half of the Group's turnover.

It is certainly gratifying  to see the ranking reached by the Group among the largest international engineering companies 92nd position in the world in 2000 and 32nd on the European ranking), positions which significantly exceed those reached by Portuguese companies of other areas, namely in the economic and construction areas.

In Portugal the Group was recently classified 83rd among the largest national economic Groups.

This web site  which records some of the most important challenges that our Clients trusted us and where we succeeded, with determination, dedication and imagination, creating quality solutions, where its value added they are the first ones to benefit, has two main objectives:

Firstly, to show the relevant role of PCG Group in the context of Portuguese and global economy, demonstrating its capacities and qualifications.

Secondly, to reinforce the collective memory of the staff which, day by day, with  determination, competence and dedication, has been guaranteeing the excellence of this Group. 

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